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How to add a theme to your WHMCS

Guide: Installing a WHMCS Theme on cPanel

To install a WHMCS theme on cPanel, follow these steps:

Step 1: Obtain the WHMCS Theme
- Purchase or download a WHMCS theme from a reputable provider. Ensure that the theme is compatible with the version of WHMCS you are using.

Step 2: Extract the Theme Files
- Unzip the contents of the theme ZIP file on your local computer, which will provide you with the theme files and folders.

Step 3: Access Your cPanel
- Log in to your cPanel account provided by your web hosting provider.

Step 4: Navigate to the WHMCS Directory
- In cPanel, locate the directory where your WHMCS installation is situated. Typically, this is within the public_html directory or a subdirectory specifically created for WHMCS.

Step 5: Upload the Theme Files
- Using the cPanel File Manager or an FTP client, upload the theme files and folders to the "templates" directory within the WHMCS installation directory. Ensure you maintain the file structure of the theme.

Step 6: Set Permissions (If Necessary)
- Depending on the file permissions required by the theme, you may need to configure the appropriate permissions. Generally, set folders to have 755 permissions and files to have 644 permissions. You can modify permissions using the File Manager or an FTP client.

Step 7: Access the WHMCS Admin Area
- Open a web browser and navigate to your WHMCS admin area (e.g., Log in using your admin credentials.

Step 8: Install and Activate the Theme
- In the WHMCS admin area, go to "Setup" > "General Settings" > "General" > "Default Template" and select the newly uploaded theme from the dropdown menu. Save the changes to activate the theme.

Step 9: Customize the Theme (Optional)
- If the theme supports customization options, you can modify its appearance, colors, and other settings through the WHMCS admin area. Refer to the theme documentation or instructions provided by the theme developer for more details on customization options.

Step 10: Test the Theme
- Once the theme is installed and activated, navigate through your WHMCS client area, order pages, and other sections to ensure that the theme is working correctly and displaying as expected.

That's it! You have successfully installed a WHMCS theme on cPanel. The new theme is now applied to your WHMCS client area, giving it a fresh look and feel for your customers.

Updated on: 27/10/2023

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