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How to add your license key to your FiveM server

To incorporate a license key into your FiveM server via the Game Panel, follow these simple steps:

Log in to the Game Panel:
Access the Game Panel login page and provide your credentials to log in.

Select Your Server:
Once logged in, choose the specific server to which you wish to add the license key from the list of available servers on your dashboard.

Access "File Manager":
On the server management page, locate and click the "File Manager" tab in the left-hand side menu. This will grant you access to your FiveM server's files.

Find "server.cfg" File:
Within the File Manager, navigate to the root directory of your FiveM server. Look for a file named "server.cfg," which serves as your server's configuration file.

Edit "server.cfg" File:
Right-click on the "server.cfg" file and select "Edit." This action will open the file in a text editor for modifications.

Insert License Key:
Scroll through the file until you come across the section that pertains to the license key, which might resemble this:

License Key


If the license key entry is missing, you can manually add it at the end of the file.

Enter Your License Key:
Replace "YOUR_LICENSE_KEY_HERE" with the actual license key you received for your FiveM server.

Save Changes:
After inserting the license key, remember to save the changes to the "server.cfg" file.

Restart the Server:
To apply the changes, you need to restart your FiveM server. Return to the Game Panel, access the "Console" tab, and click the "Restart" button to initiate the server restart.

That's all! Your license key should now be integrated into your FiveM server using the Game Panel. The license key serves to verify your server's legitimacy and enables access to specific features and functionalities.

Please ensure that you possess a valid and authorized license key from the appropriate sources before adding it to your server. Using unauthorized or invalid license keys may lead to server issues and potential violations of the FiveM terms of service.

Updated on: 27/10/2023

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