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How to change your server Logo

Here are the steps for setting up your FiveM server icon.

Select Your Image:
Start by choosing the image you want to use as your server icon. Make sure it is in PNG format and sized at 96x96 pixels, as other formats won't work.

Access Your Server Files:
Connect to your server via SFTP and locate the directory where your server.cfg file is stored.

Upload the Image:
Upload the chosen 96x96px PNG image to the same directory where your server.cfg is located.

Name the Image Correctly:
Ensure that the name of your uploaded image matches the name specified in your server.cfg. It's often a good practice to use the same name as the existing image.

For example:
# If the line has a # in front of "load_server_icon," remove it and make sure the image name matches.

Restart Your Server:
Once you've completed these steps, restart your server. After the restart, you should see your new logo in the server list, and it should also appear when connecting directly.

If you encounter any difficulties while setting up your FiveM server icon, don't hesitate to open a support ticket for assistance.

Updated on: 27/10/2023

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