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How to Fix failed to run recipe

Rapid Hosting Guide: Resolving TxAdmin Error - Running Custom Template Recipe

In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you through the steps to address the TxAdmin error encountered when attempting to run a recipe for a custom template. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Create a Database:
Make sure you have a database created. If not, navigate to the "Databases" tab and select "NEW DATABASE."

2. Confirm Your Server Type:
This guide is intended for txAdmin-based ESX or QBCore servers. If you have a different server setup, please note that this guide may not be applicable.

3. Access Popular Recipe:
Click on "Popular Recipe" from the provided options.

4. Select Your Template:
Choose the template that matches your server, such as QBCore.

5. Data Location:
Leave the "Data Location" set to its default configuration.

6. Navigate to Recipe Deployer:
Proceed by clicking "Go to Recipe Deployer."

7. Step 1: Review Recipe:
In this step, click "Next" without making any additional changes.

8. Step 2: Input Parameters:
Import your key from the Keymaster.

9. Advanced Options (Configuring Your Database):
Configure your database connection using information from your Rapid Hosting panel.

10. Find Database Details:
Return to the "Databases" tab on your hosting panel.
Click the eye icon to view the connection details for your database.

11. Configure Advanced Options:
Fill in the following information in the Recipe Deployer:

- Database Host: Utilize the IP address provided in the connection details (e.g.,
- Database Port: Use the port number from the connection details (e.g., 3306).
- Database Username: Enter the username displayed in the connection details.
- Database Password: Use the password shown in the connection details.
- Database Name: Locate the database name from the connection details and enter it.

12. Run the Recipe:
Once you've completed the advanced options, click "Run Recipe" to initiate the setup.

13. You're Done:
Congratulations! The TxAdmin error when running a recipe with a custom template has been successfully resolved.

If you encounter any further issues or require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Rapid Hosting support.

Enjoy a seamless gaming experience with Rapid Hosting in 2023!

Updated on: 27/10/2023

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