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How to install the QBCore Framework with TxAdmin

Rapid Hosting Guide: Configuring QBCore Framework with TxAdmin

Welcome to Rapid Hosting! Here's a detailed step-by-step guide to assist you in setting up the QBCore framework with TxAdmin for your GTA V server:

Step 1: Access the Game Panel

- Open your web browser and navigate to
- Choose "Manage Server" for your GTA V server.

Step 2: Enable TxAdmin

- Within the server management dashboard, head to "Settings."
- Click "Enable TxAdmin."

Step 3: Start the Server

- Go to the "Console" tab.
- Click "Start Server" and patiently wait for the blue box to display the TxAdmin link and PIN.

Step 4: Access TxAdmin

- Click on the provided TxAdmin link within the blue box.
- Input the 4-digit PIN located below the link.
- Authorize TxAdmin using your cfx account.

Step 5: Create a Backup Password

- Establish a strong and secure password to serve as a backup for your TxAdmin access.

Step 6: Login with cfx Account

- Click "cfx login" and reauthorize when prompted.

Step 7: TxAdmin Server Setup

- You will be directed to the TxAdmin server setup page.
- Input your desired TxAdmin name (the default is "change-me") and click "Next."

Step 8: Choose Deployment Type

- Click "Popular Recipes."
- Select "QBCore framework" from the provided options.

Step 9: Set Data Location

- Click "Save" to specify the location for your files.

Step 10: Go to Recipe Deployer

- Click "Go to Recipe Deployer" to proceed.

Step 11: Advanced Settings

- In Step 1, click "Next" to continue.
- Input your license key and provide any necessary advanced settings.

Step 12: Configure Database Settings

- Complete the database settings, ensuring you select the correct database name (as displayed in the "databases" section).
- If needed, check "delete database."
- Click "Run Recipe" and await the process to complete.

Step 13: Completing the Setup

- Click "Next" when Step 4 appears.

You're All Set!

Your QBCore framework with TxAdmin is now configured and ready for use.

For any queries or assistance during the setup process, don't hesitate to reach out to us via our website or Discord. Enjoy your GTA V server with Rapid Hosting!

Updated on: 29/10/2023

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