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How to sync your server with your Database

Rapid Hosting Guide: Synchronizing Your Database with Your Server

This guide from Rapid Hosting will walk you through the process of synchronizing your database with your server, using either Oxmysql or Mysql-async.

Using Oxmysql:

Step 1: Edit the Template
- With Oxmysql, you can choose one of the following templates:

Template 1:

set mysql_connection_string "mysql://root:12345@localhost:3306/es_extended?charset=utf8mb4" - ONLY USE FOR WINDOWS VPS

Template 2:

set mysql_connection_string "user=INSERTHERE;password=INSERTHERE;host=INSERTHERE;port=3306;database=INSERTHERE;charset=utf8mb4" - USE FOR GAME PANEL SERVER / FXHOSTING

Step 2: Adjust the Template
- Modify the template to match your MySQL database credentials.

Using Mysql-async:

Automatic Insertion:
- With Mysql-async, the process is simpler.
- Head to the "Databases" section where your database is created.
- Click the book icon (typically labeled "Insert connection string") next to your database entry.
- This will automatically insert the connection string for you.

Both Methods:

Database Sync:
- After configuring the connection string, your database will synchronize automatically with your server.

Congratulations! Your database is now synchronized with your server, whether you've used Oxmysql or Mysql-async.

If you encounter any issues or require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to Rapid Hosting support.

Enjoy uninterrupted hosting with Rapid Hosting in 2023!

Updated on: 15/01/2024

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